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Product R & D

KCON VALVE is fully aware of the importance of products safety and operation simplification, it sets up a modern laboratory, and organized an excellent project design, research and development team, which is the domination of KCON VALVE Products and technological innovation. This R&D department consists of valve senior engineers and professional valve design engineers, can provide you with all kinds of special, general and custom-made valve solutions as diverse as oil and gas pipeline valves, chemical control valves and other valves.

The developed High-pressure, Big size, Fully welded, Buried ball valve has been mass exported since 2007, it is one of the earliest valve manufacturer in China that can produce big size fully welded ball valve and have references on main pipelines, and accepted by the overseas customers.

The company has the experiences for providing OEM products to the world’s top valve manufacturers, and has supplied all kinds of valve products to Britain, Russia, Middle-east, India, Thailand, Algeria, CNPC, SINOPEC,CNOOC and CASC.


KCON VALVE can produce various series of control valve and pipeline valve from size 1/2” to 60”, have successfully designed and provided valve products to customers in South America, North America, Asia,Africa, Europe etc. The modern and advanced production equipment, such as CNC machining center, butt welding machine, the neck welding machine, crane, large pressure testing bench and other key equipments, to ensure the machining and processing of all kinds of precision components.

The complex production process is completed by precision CNC equipment. Advanced instruments are applied to supervisory control all stages of production process and to ensure the highest quality level,each stage has taken over by experienced person, furthermore, ERP and APQP system is implemented to centralized process kinds of production and order information, to make the whole production process in a state of efficient operation.

KCON VALVE is located in the city of China Oil Equipment, where having lots of forging, casting, heat treatment and others supporting enterprises.

The company selects qualified suppliers based on international standards, and builds a high quality and efficient supply chain system to ensure product quality and delivery time.

Quality Control

The design and manufacture of KCON VALVE are executed under international standards,the company always gives priority to the product quality and customer interests, and focus on providing customers with safe and reliable products. In addition, as far as possible to ensure employee's health and environmental safety.

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